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Seeker® Metal Detectors / SAFETY & SPECIFICATIONS

MSE Worldwide, LLC, the manufacturer of Seeker®Plus Metal Detectors and SeekerOne™ Metal Detectors, makes every effort to ensure our metal detectors are safe to use. The electromagnetic fields produced by the Seeker® Metal Detectors are similar to those encountered in the daily environment and meet the United States and International standards for electromagnetic emissions.

MSE Worldwide, LLC recognizes that certain medical devices may have additional requirements which may require special care. We recommend that individuals using medical devices should follow specific information provided by the medical device manufacturers and medical practitioners. The medical device manufacturers and medical practitioner often provide information through information booklets and medical cards. If the individual being scanned with a Seeker® Metal Detectors for any reason or reasons objects to the scanning process we recommend that an alternative procedure be used.

Research has found no information that would indicate Seeker® Metal Detectors have adverse affects on pregnancy, medical implants, magnetic strips or recording media. If you have requirements for additional information please contact the medical device manufacturers directly or visit the websites listed.

Regulatory Information on Public Safety:

Magnetic Recording Media:

United States Department of Commerce: “Care and Handling of Computer Magnetic Storage Media”, NBS Special Publication 500-101. The peak magnetic field of less than one Gauss will not affect magnetic recording media, including magnetic tape, diskettes and cards.

 Compatibility:    ETSI 301 489-3, I-ETS 300 #330              FCC part 15 class B

Specifications for Seeker® Plus Metal Detector
  • Operating Frequency: 60-70kHz
  • Operating Current: 50-70mA
  • Standby Current: 6-10mA
  • Audible Frequency: 2kHz
  • Meets indoor/outdoor standards – functions in -40�F (-40�C) to 150�F (60�C)
  • Weight: 14.8 ounces
  • Width: 2.25"
  • Thickness: 2.25"
  • Length: 18"
  • Tuning: Adjustable